Ancient Detective

Introduction: This is about how a greenhand in folk society grows to be a famed and righteous detective of a generation. Shenjigu was an investigation organization in folk society. The head of Shenjigu Jian Jinhuan died in a bloody battle eight years ago. His only son Jian Buzhi was badly wounded and lost his memory. Yet the chief culprit plotting that tragedy has disappeared without a trace. According to evidence, four people survive that battle. They are Second Master of Hanyue Mountain Villa, Swordman Bai Caozhe in Yanzhou, Qiaoshou Tang of Changle Gambling House and Wang Laoda of Liaodong Escort. Jian Buzhi plans to visit them one by one to search for the truth of the tragedy. Along their way, he and his companions uphold justice and clear up many tricky cases. As his investigation proceeds, Jian Buzhi gets increasingly responsible, righteous, brave and knowledgeable, and gradually understands the preciousness of love and the meaning of sacrifice. He's no longer an indifferent young detective, but a famed righteous detective much respected in folk society like his father.